You took your family to have a good meal in a local restaurant. Write a letter to the newspaper to tell about it, describe the meal you had, and analyze why you think the restaurant is worth visiting.


Remember, this is a letter recommending (推荐)some nice restaurant you’ve been to. So , you need to, first and foremost, include the basic components (组成部分)of a letter. Then, when you are describing the restaurant and dishes, try to sound objective so that it can sound convincing, not like some advertising slogans(标语).


A Letter to a Newspaper Editor

Dear Sir,

I'm a sophomore in Tianjin Normal University. As a reader of your newspaper, I write to you to introduce Xinxing Restaurant through your newspaper. It is so outstanding that I hope everyone in the city knows it.

It was Mother's Day last Saturday, so I took my family to have a meal in Xinxing Restaurant, which is near our university.

It is a Cantonese restaurant and provides traditional Cantonese food. There are various kinds of food in the restaurant and all the dishes are so delicious that once you see them, you want to eat them all. My mother ordered some dishes for us such as fish, vegetables and some sea food. I like this restaurant not only because the foods are delicious and the taste is special, but also because the price of every dish is reasonable. Furthermore, this restaurant is the cleanest one that I have known. The environment there is also very good, and you can feel very comfortable there. The lights are not very bright and light music makes you feel relaxed. Above all, the waiters are very polite, patient and enthusiastic. Everyone was satisfied and we had a good time there.

I hope everyone knows the restaurant though so many have known it. If you have time, I suggest you go there and have a try. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself in the restaurant.

Yours sincerely,

Feng Qiaoling



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